Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Why Is TPMS Necessary?

TPMS helps drivers recognize the importance of tire pressure as they operate their vehicles. The significant advantages of TPMS installed in your vehicle range from improved safety and lower maintenance to fuel savings and extended tire life. Legislation in the US now requires that all light motor vehicles produced after 2006 to come equipped with TPMS. This legislation varies from country to country so please check your local regulations.


We have the complete coverage for various vehicles.  We provide multi-application coverage for a broad range of vans, cars, SUVs, etc.

With preset design and following OE re-learn procedures, our TPMS can work with all major TPMS scan tools, such as ATEQ, Bartec, OTC, T.I.P.S., etc. There is no requirement for sensor programming and equipment tools. REGITAR brings the simple and time-saving solutions for your TPMS service.

MOBILETRON is also a Tier 1 TPMS supplier for automakers. To secure our product quality and consistency, our TPMS products are made on the same production lines as OE parts supplied to automakers.

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