TX-PT46 Scan Tool

Introducing the new TX-PT46 Scan Tool with OBD-II Module powered with ATEQ. Contact us to learn more!

REGITAR USA are delighted to be launching a new TPMS diagnostic and programming tool. The TX-PT46 has been developed with leading TPMS Solutions provider ATEQ.

The TX-PT46 is an affordable TPMS diagnostic tool. Its cost effective price makes the tool accessible to small and medium size tyre shops and garages entering into the rapidly expanding TPMS market for the first time. The robust design of the tool makes it ideal for garage environments.

Using the TX-PT46, the user can quickly test TPMS sensors and diagnose common sensor faults. Having chosen the make model and year of the vehicle, the tool has the ability to read and display sensor’s data in seconds, this includes ID, battery status, tyre temperature and pressure.

The TX-PT46 can be updated directly through our dedicated tpmszone.co.uk website at any time, which will keep the tool completely up-to-date with the growing number of sensors fitted to European and American vehicles. The TX-PT46 uses the robust ATEQ operating platform, grip-friendly design, a durable rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and the ability to program Mobiletron’s MORE sensors within seconds.

TX-PT46 Features -

  • Displays all sensor data in seconds: ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, etc.
  • Provides indirect, manual and auto relearn procedure information
  • Selects vehicles via make, model, year look-up
  • Provides TPMS sensor part numbers
  • Checks Remote Keyless Entry signal
  • Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
  • Interface and relearn procedures in 23 languages
  • Easy to operate with ATEQ’s icon interface and bright colour display
  • The optional OBD2 module gives access to OBD relearns for 60% of all car models worldwide
  • Optional upgrade allows tool to program all leading universal aftermarket TPMS sensors

Updated August 2017.