General FAQ's

No, we do not have any minimum order quantity but we can provide you with an item's standard case quantity for ease of shipping and receiving.

We provide a  1 year warranty for products from Invoice Date.  Detailed information about our warranty policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions of Sales.

Yes, we offer technical support on our complete line of products. Please call our office at 334.244.1885 and ask for the Technical Department.  You may also send inquiries to info@regitar.com.

FAQ’s for TPV08 Retrofit TPMS

Monitor, 4 Sensors (can be changed to specific vehicle application), Cables/Connectors.

No, this system only works for vehicles that do not have TPMS installed in the vehicle.

No, the Programmer Tool is only used with our Universal Sensors.

No, only the sensors need to be replaced. The monitor will recognize the new sensors.

No, it only monitors 4 wheels.

FAQ's for TPMS Sensors

Yes, our ATEQ and Snap-In adapters are designed to work with both Clamp-In and Snap-In sensor types. Both adapters will also allow you to program the sensors with and without the valve installed to the sensor.

Yes, our TPMS sensors are designed to communicate with all of the main TPMS scan tools.

Our MORE Sensors can now be programmed with ATEQ's Diagnostic Tools! The ATEQ Adapter allows users who have the main diagnostic tool manufactured by ATEQ to program our MORE Sensors.

Yes, our MORE Sensors and Direct-Fit Sensors are compatible with vehicles with a WAL TPMS.

Our MORE Sensors are infinitely re-programmable using the Programming Tool and our Direct-Fit Sensors are pre-programmed - ready to fit!

There is no special training required. The fitting process is the same as OE. Fitting instructions are on the "How to  Fit TPMS Sensors" page of our catalog and on the same page there is a QR code which will take you to a more in-depth video.

Both metal Clamp-In and rubber Snap-In valves can be supplied separately. See "Options" page in our catalog.

The typical battery life of our TPMS Sensors is more than 5 years.

FAQ's for TPMS Programming Tool

The Programming Tool includes 10 European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Dutch.

Yes, software updates will be available free of charge for the life of the tool.

Quarterly updates will be made available through our website or contacting your Sales Representative. Download the software onto a USB device and insert it into the USB port on the Programming Tool. To complete the installation use the "USB Update" function from the "Main Menu" of the tool.

Our Programming Tool has been designed specifically to work with our MORE Sensors.

Yes, if the tool is within warranty, it can be repaired free of charge; however, if the tool is out of warranty, there will be a repair charge.

Yes, accessories can be purchased separately and will have their own part numbers.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us for further information.